Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet the Girls!

Who are these little ones who fill the pages of my mind and explode with personality in TCards?

I thought it was time to give some insight into the personalities of Girlie-T and Little-T.

Girlie-T has taken over my creative time in my studio.  She has been around for just over 4 1/2 years now .  She has a huge loveable personality!  She is a risk taker, adores a good time, and lives for adventure!  You've seen her hit the road in her convertible, plunge into the waters in her kayak, she appreciates really good friends,  has a passion for handbags & a good pair of shoes!  She always sports a life-size smile - and because she laughs so much - it's hard to see her eyes and hair - as a matter-of-fact - she has never had eyes or hair!  Girlie-T is the one that you can relate to when you're feeling a bit out of your shell! (Or wish you could come out of your shell!). It will be a bit of an adjustment for her to share the spotlight with Little-T - but I see a tag-team being born with the addition to the family.

Little-T is just a babe. She is  younger ans smaller with a sweet shyness about her that you'll find irresistible. She's that little kindergarten personality - the one swinging on the swing-set with such great enthusiasm that she will tickle your soul. She's always singing to herself - in her own little magical world where there are no cares or worries. She adores being held and is crazy about life. Don't let her quiet natured little self fool you - you'll find yourself wishing you could adopt her! (She's already spoken for though...sorry!!!)
 Look for Little-T in the gallery!

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