Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet the Girls!

Who are these little ones who fill the pages of my mind and explode with personality in TCards?

I thought it was time to give some insight into the personalities of Girlie-T and Little-T.

Girlie-T has taken over my creative time in my studio.  She has been around for just over 4 1/2 years now .  She has a huge loveable personality!  She is a risk taker, adores a good time, and lives for adventure!  You've seen her hit the road in her convertible, plunge into the waters in her kayak, she appreciates really good friends,  has a passion for handbags & a good pair of shoes!  She always sports a life-size smile - and because she laughs so much - it's hard to see her eyes and hair - as a matter-of-fact - she has never had eyes or hair!  Girlie-T is the one that you can relate to when you're feeling a bit out of your shell! (Or wish you could come out of your shell!). It will be a bit of an adjustment for her to share the spotlight with Little-T - but I see a tag-team being born with the addition to the family.

Little-T is just a babe. She is  younger ans smaller with a sweet shyness about her that you'll find irresistible. She's that little kindergarten personality - the one swinging on the swing-set with such great enthusiasm that she will tickle your soul. She's always singing to herself - in her own little magical world where there are no cares or worries. She adores being held and is crazy about life. Don't let her quiet natured little self fool you - you'll find yourself wishing you could adopt her! (She's already spoken for though...sorry!!!)
 Look for Little-T in the gallery!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ladybug Blues

I admit, rarely do I spend a lot of time deciding on a name for my illustrations.  Ladybug Blues - something that just popped into my head.  Most of the time - I sit down to give my work a name and literally spend less than 20 seconds on a piece.  I don't think it's spontaneous; more - I think the name just comes into being as I sometimes spend hours and hours on a piece.  Generally when I initially start out and have to give my work a name - it's rather generic - by after creative time with my work - it just seems to happen...  I love that.

Meet Ladybug Blues...

Lovely little ladybug
sent from heaven above
please watch over my garden
and fill it up with love.
~Author Unknown

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Daisies and Such

Was at work yesterday and had this design floating through my head....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mushy Milo

Another design today....  I needed a card with a Mushy Milo....


I did my very first pet portrait for someone in California -
Today she sent me a photo of the print all matted and framed and ready for the wall...
I love this photo!

Kitty Hugs

One of those mornings where I just want to hug the kitty.  Milo had dental work done yesterday - and the poor baby boy had to be put out with anesthesia - he came home and was so out of it.  My heart was crushed.  I hate seeing him this way... Poor baby boy.  This morning he's been by my side - very needy - and I keep reassuring him that nothing bad will happen to him today - that it's all about the kitty.  So, this morning's design is based on MY need to hug a kitty!  This isn't "milo" - but - It shows my little kid's free spirit - and the attitude still inside the kitty!

Monday, June 21, 2010


My newest pet portrait - Asia - (Design time - 4 hours)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strawberry Festival Day

The weather was beyond perfect - a bit hot - but that beats rain and wind!  Upper Union Street was bustling with many people - it was truly the best day ever.  I had so many people at my table - giggling - pointing - asking where are you located?!!  It was joyful!  I'm really not a huge people person kind of gal - but - out of my shell I came yesterday! 

I'm excited to say - I received two possible pet portrait jobs and one baby shower invitation job!  It was a good day to be on Upper Union Street yesterday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Strawberry Festival Eve

Tomorrow is the big day!  I'm finally finished with production and table set up.  I had quite the week not really knowing how to assemble my banner - thanks to Facebook - I had a few good suggestions - I found myself in Lows frantically searching high and low for what I thought would work - finally - I ended up at customer service making some hand gestures and trying to explain what I was looking for.  I ended up coming home with two 4" clamps - then the rest kind of fell into place.  I had a few hours of brainstorming - and I'm happy to say - I think between the clamps and the bed risers for the table - all is well....

The following photos show my table - I am so happy to be done at a reasonable hour.... Now I can shut down my studio and get a good night's rest.  The festival is from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 and the weather forecast is calling for 90 degree weather.  My goodness!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Always makes me want to sneeze

Was out on a small little hike a few weekends ago with the camera - and got a bit lucky....
Every time I see these... it makes me want to sneeeeeze!

Getting Ready for the Strawberry Festival

Tonight I sit in my studio - simply - overwhelmed.  Expectations that I've placed on myself and somehow feeling unorganized as I try to figure out how to place my banner on my table - It's about 2 inches too long!  Ugh.  I think I should sleep on it and not worry too much tonight ...

Anyway - here is my very small progress with setting up my display...

So much to do still....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

For You

Opening up another card quote contest....  I designed this today and need a witty - fun - funny quote for inside...  If I use your quote - I'll send you the card!

4 dozen invitations are complete....

This morning I finished putting the SC-SPCA Wags and Whiskers Family Fun Fair invitations together.  They will be mailed out by SC-SPCA to many Schenectady "brass" (politicians, etc.) -  I had fun putting these together and working with SC-SPCA - helping them promote a fun and worthy event coming up in July.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ice Cream Social - Just the girls

After creating the card for my friend - I thought - hmmmm - this could be a new card for customers!  Sorry - but I removed the guys and now need to come up with an inside quote for this card.....

If you can come up with an inside quote that I use - I will mail you this card!

Send your ideas here:  Ice Cream Social Quote!

I got an e-mail from a friend to tell me to check out a link -  I was super surprised to see that posted my logo that I did for the July Wags and Whiskers Family Fun Fair....  not to be redundant in my posts - but take a peek!

Ice Cream Social

Sometimes I get the strangest requests for a card in an e-mail.... Like this one:

"I have been hosting gateway and would like to send the people involved follow-up cards.. as hostess, it is my job to bring refreshments, since it has been so hot this year...well, not last night.... we have had ice cream cones alot. 3 men 6 women sitting on comfy couches and chairs eating ice cream cones, getting to know each other, and Brunswick Church a little better... ( maybe some with ice cream cones and some drinking water0. Ok, if this is way over the edge too much say...'no way...'  ..."
This is what I came up with!  The inside of the card will read:  "It's been a real treat getting to know you!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010


This was a bit of a challenge... very difficult to nail the color in cookies coat....
Here is my interpretation...
RIP Cookie Brown

6 Hours 15 minutes


Side by Side

Scarlett & Blue - Purple Background

Deb wanted a purple background!

Property of Theresa Crane - TCards

Scarlett & Blue - Commissioned Work

I decided to not put all the filtered sunlight into the work - I felt it distracted some from the cats.
After 8 hours and 15 minutes of work - here is my interpretation of Scarlett & Blue

This is for you Deb

Property of Theresa Crane -

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Commissioned Work

I've been commissioned to illustrate two black kitties 
It's a work in progress...
(keep scrolling down so you can see the progression)

(click on image to enlarge)

2 Hours

2 hours and 45 minutes


 4 Hours


5 Hours 15 Minutes


 6 Hours 15 Minutes


8 Hours 15 Minutes

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slow Poke

Ever forget someone's birthday?
I design cards... and I did....

Friday, May 28, 2010

Kitty in the Sun

Milo cracks me up.  I get a lot of my design material from every day life - but Milo.... he is a character.  He loves to stretch out in the sun - belly up....


I was asked to design a card with Max - Here is my interpretation of Max - I hope it captures his spirit!

Side by side of my illustration and photo of Max